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Welcome to TV Zombies.

A comic of people turning into zombies after watching horror movies on TV. There is a league trying to stop the zombies from invading earth.

A notice

I'm sorry that I wasn't on lately, I was making some animations with Lego. (I'm not going to update this comic every single day you know!) This comic isn't dead. I just had to find time to upload the new strips, so, enjoy!~

4 New Updates.

1. Episode 2 is finished.
2. I will be working on the final episode (3) some other day. I don't even know which day yet.
3. I will be working on shorter comics. (Non episode ones) There will be some before and after the final episode. I might start a new series of TV Zombies, I don't know yet.
4. I've added a new "Add to Favorites" button on the comic pages. Click there if you really like my comics.

Thank you. -Pizza Dude

Episode 1 is finished.

Episode 1 of TV Zombies is finished.
I'll be working on episode 2 today or tomorrow.
I just need some ideas for episode 2...

-Pizza Dude

Welcome to the TV Zombies comic!

Hello. My name is Pizza Dude. (My website is PizzaDude.Ca) Today I started TV Zombies. I currently have up to Page. 3. I hope you like my new comic. If you are wondering about the genres, it would be a mixture of humor, and action. I don't really think it qualifies as horror though. But I just put horror because that's the only other one of the three genre choices that fits.

-Pizza Dude

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